A3 Oystercatchers (Print)


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Made with archivable quality pigment inks, on 285gsm portrait paper.

From a series of collage entitled ‘Wild and Free’, which seeks to draw attention to the abundance of the seashore, and which supports the RSPB.

Collage and Mixed media, made from many discarded papers and scraps of paintings. It is very satisfying to recycle old try-outs.

I love putting colours and textures together and these fit very well with the abundance found on the seashore.

Collage and mixed media.On one of my visits to the bird observatory near Seahouses, NorthumberlandI found they had taken in an oystercatcher with a broken wing.My job was to supply him with fresh limpets for breakfast every morning.To do this one had to walk quietly amongst the rocks at low tide armed with a hammer, creep up and with one sharp blow catch the limpet off guard. Oysty, as he was called was always appreciative.

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Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm


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