I tell less well known traditional stories from many countries as well as ancient myths from Sumeria and Greece.

I have told stories in many places, including:

  • The Woodland Trust
  • St Ethelburga’s
  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Warwick Words Festival
  • Schools in Sutton Coldfield, Kenilworth, Birmingham, and Seattle
  • and as Artist in Residence in Amari, Crete

Storytelling Workshops

Hermes Tortoise Fragment

One theme I use for storytelling workshops is:

‘Connecting with your life journey through story’.

In your imagination, a traditional story might look something like a mind map – you could even call it a psychic map. It would look like a diagram with you as the central figure, and there would be various arrows and links to the other important characters in your story.

This is because all the characters in a traditional story are aspects of oneself; they all have a particular role to play: to serve, hinder, condemn, encourage, facilitate, comment etc.

In my workshops we discover how this all works through story, illustration, and discussion.

If you would like to book or discuss a storytelling event, please contact me.


‘I am still thinking about that workshop a month ago.’
‘That was so interesting, made me think about it in a different way.’

Inanna Steeple