A Story from Amari

A Story from Amari is a series of nine prints from the ancient Greek myth of Hermes, adapted from the ‘Homeric Hymns’ and telling of how Hermes kidnapped his brother Apollo’s cows.

I recently spent time as Artist in Residence in Amari, a remote village in the centre of Crete. Deep in the Patsos gorge nearby, amongst the slender silvery birch trees which spring from the rocks, I discovered a cave and shrine where Hermes was once revered. A few days later I met someone who told me the myth, which I adapted and illustrated.

Illustrations are available to buy as limited edition, giclée prints. These are digital reproductions or copies of works of art, that is to say the original work is scanned and uploaded onto a computer and then printed to look exactly like the original.

Each print is signed and dated. They are printed on archival premium quality Museum 310gsm paper with Epsom pigmented and lightfast inks coral pink border optional.

Prints come with a certificate of authenticity, and include a copy of the text relevant to that particular image (available in English or Greek).

Dimensions: 56.5 cm (h) x 84.1 cm (w)
Price: £120 each

Set of nine prints (Title plus 8 prints)
Price: £1,000

Illustration from the Myth of Inanna

This is a print from my Inanna book

Dimensions: 56.5 cm (h) x 84.1 cm (w)
Price: £120