Many of my illustrations are available to buy as greeting cards, as books or as limited edition prints.


This is the Russian equivalent of Cinderella. I created 10 illustrations which bring the story alive. The book also includes an essay about the healing power of story.


This ancient myth from Sumeria (present day Iraq) dates back to 3,000BC. It is a story of courage, initiation, and eventually transformation. Today it shows itself to be just as significant to us as it was in former times.

Inanna, the beautiful young woman from Uruk, (present day Basra) is blissfully happy, married to Dumuzi, with two sons. But one day she begins to hear a voice which calls her to descend into the underworld to visit her sister Erishkagal. She tries to resist it, but the call grows louder until at last she gives in and prepares for a life-changing journey.

What would you do if you heard a voice calling you to visit the underworld? It would be much more comfortable to stay, but what if the voice grew louder? … and louder? What would you take with you if you were not sure when, or if, you would return?

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Three Kings of Warka

Enmerkar, Lugalbanda, Gilgamesh Myths from Mesopotamia retold by Fran Hazelton. These tales of wizards and wise-women, mountains and deserts, feasts and fighting, carry us back through thousands of years to Mesopotamia, cradle of myth.

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Ring of Minos

Forthcoming publication telling the story of Ariadne, Theseus and the minotaur. Text by Geoffrey Mead.

Feedback from Warwickshire Open Studios

“A very inspiring way of illustrating a story – great work.”

“Wonderfully enchanting.”

“Amazing illustrations! What a treat!”

“Unusual and inspiring work, lovely!”