My necklaces are inspired by the ancient beads on show at the British Museum. The intention is to make each bead look like an ancient well warn discovery. These beads are to me like a glimpse into how people lived many centuries ago. I am interested in that which is lost, obscured, veiled, in the concept of beauty from an age long ago. They could even look as if they have recently been excavated from an ancient tomb. Flecks of gold glimmer through the dusty neutral shades, could this be buried treasure? Occasionally some brighter colours and patches of gold emerge.


Each bead is unique in that it is hand made. The basic material is paper fibre. I love it because it is so tough and versatile; it takes paint well, and responds to the tumbling to produce just the distressed effect I am looking for. The beads go through many processes in order to resemble that age-old buried treasure look. Each necklace is different and unique.


Each item comes nicely packaged in either an organza bag or a box and includes a description of how it was inspired and made.

Description: The diameter of the largest bead is 1.8cm.

Colours: Varying beiges, Gold, Copper, light and dark charcoal grey, sapphire blue, turquoise, denim blue, jade etc.

Tiny interconnecting beads of glass or semi-precious stones (jade, jasper, aventurine, etc.) further set off this unique collection of subtle colours and textures. Some necklaces have handmade stirling silver clasps and chains which allow adjustment to vary the length.


Necklaces are packed in a presentation box, or in a light organza bag.

Where To See My Work

  • Stour Gallery, Shipston
  • Open Studios at St Gregory’s Church, Offchurch – 18th June until 3rd July
  • Art in the Park, Jephson Gardens – 6th & 7th August
  • MidWales Arts Centre, Caersws, Powys
  • Primavera Gallery, Kings Parade, Cambridge.

And of course, you are welcome to visit at my studio in Offchurch.

If you would like to purchase a necklace similar to one shown here just send me an email and I will respond as soon as possible.


Bead and Necklace-making Workshops

Love putting different colours and textures together? A collection of handmade beads makes a great opportunity to do this, and to create a unique necklace, perhaps earrings as well.

The basic material is a composite fibre which is remarkably tough and versatile, easy to shape, takes paint well, and  responds to many processes. I am  interested in age-old beads and  their connection with people and lives long passed. This workshop will seek to recreate that ancient long lost treasure effect that is so appealing. At the end of the day you will have a beautiful necklace to take home, perhaps a bracelet as well.  If you have some old beads you might like to include, bring those along too. Suitable for all abilities.

  Time : 10am – 4pm   

 Date :,  Saturday  30 September, 7 October  2017

Cost : £40     Bookings : 01926- 424132,      07928 – 218463

2 New Cottages, Village Street,  Offchurch,

 Leamington Spa,  CV33 9AP

Eleanor is a designer/maker and exhibits in many galleries

Here is a picture of a course participant making a necklace