Welcome to my website. I am Eleanor, an artist, illustrator, storyteller and maker of ancient beads working out of my garden studio in a small village near Leamington Spa. I mainly use acrylics, but also incorporate other media including pastel, ink, chalk and wax. My tools are many and varied: brushes, sponges, reed and quill pens, masking fluid, stencils and sandpaper.

I adapt and illustrate less well-known traditional stories, some of which have been published. My illustrations are used in my storytelling sessions to bring the stories alive and show how relevant they are to our lives today. Memory often works by recalling fleeting glimpses of things past. To reflect this, my pictures often take the form of a collection of fragments, to look as if they have been excavated from a forgotten age.

Limited edition prints, books, greetings cards and my range of necklaces are available to buy. Just pop over to Eleanor’s Shop and see what takes your fancy.

all things were set into being
“all things were set into being”